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Sunday, June 14, 2009

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The Father of Format Numerology

Dr. Mahha Dan Shekar Raajha

Format Numerology Gifted by Lord Shiva through Dr. Mahha Dan Shekar Raajha for all kind of people

Numerology is a language that allows you to expand the horizon of your spiritual awareness. It opens doors in your psyche that you did not know existed. Numerology is used as a practical method of understanding your own deeper nature, your talents and your life goals, your hidden characteristics, your opportunities and challenges. It offers insight into the opportunities that will come to you during the years ahead. It describes the cycles you experience during the course of your life, and offers guidance in career, romance, and prosperity. In short, numerology is a self-help tool, providing meaningful advice for all type of situations.

Numerology is different from Format numerology.

Numerology is based on astrology but format numerology is based on numbers.

Format Numerology can be changed the fate not birth sin, that can be changed only through the God.

If the name is meaningful, then your life will be colorful.

Even though a human has lot of potential, he is unable to show his potential as his name is not formatted based on the Numerology.

If a person wants to win the game of Life, the name should be as per the format numerology.
Any kind of pain, any kind of diseases can be cured through the change of name as per the format numerology.

If you feel any kind of resentment towards your spouse, no matter what kind of problems you are having, and solve any problems you may be experiencing with your marriage, these can be rectified by changing your name to match with that of your partner.

It is time to check your numerical value of name and DOB and set right the same for all round progress, success and peaceful life.

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